Everyone loves shopping and nothing can beat a hefty discount. Before shopping online it is best to scour the internet for coupon codes and vouchers. Finding coupons and vouchers for online shopping can prove to be a real hurdle. Though there are loads of places to find them how to find the most genuine ones is a mammoth task. Most of the times the coupon codes found have expired or the offers of the voucher are no more applicable. For authentic coupon codes it is best to scour the retailers sites where the coupon codes are advertised, as well as specific coupon sites where coupon codes can also be found .

A few of them are mentioned below:

Retail.Me. This is one of the sites offering the largest number of coupons codes. It also provides exclusive codes through their partnerships with retailers on a regular basis. Its app also intimates you when there are offers at the brick and mortar stores and restaurants. A wide selection of printable coupons and online promo codes are the forte of this site. The number of retailers this site partners with is limited but the coupons have a guarantee. Their blog also offers numerous tips for effective shopping.

Free-Shipping deals: Though does not offer any coupons on the shopping, what it does offer are great coupons for shipping bringing down the cost, as usually shipping costs are very high increasing the cost of the item.

At times there are sites also offering shareable coupons where deals can be shared with friends- the advantage is double- you benefit because of your friend and your friend benefits because of you.

There are a few easy tips too which if followed can help you in garnering extra benefits. Supermarkets often have this hidden wealth, skimming through the store magazines can help you unearth a few coupons which are scattered throughout. If you are loyal to a particular store and are a regular there theses may be mailed to you directly. Signing up on the facebook pages, newsletters or the contact pages of a particular brand too can make you liable to receive these coupons. Scour the websites of your favorite brands, as often the websites offer vouchers which can be downloaded.

It is a proven fact that combining online shopping with the use of coupons and vouchers can maximize the gratification of the shopping experience.



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