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Act quickly as sellers have the right to limit deals to a certain style and can stop or change discounts at any time. Sometimes they sell too many and decide to stop it early! Once a deal runs out, it is gone – there is nothing I can do! Without further delay, let’s get to today’s awesome VIP Members only deals!

50% Off!

  • UPGRADED and optimized for a large variety of injuries, it will help you handle unexpected moments, especially if you live in Earthquake Prone Areas or exposed to natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes or flooding (includes CPR Mask, Instant Ice Pack, Bandaids, Mini Compass and much more).
  • DURABLE & COMPACT (8.3″ x 5.9″ x 2.4″, weighs only 1.2 lbs). Easy to carry, small and lightweight, yet holds all the first-aid essentials (160 pcs with great shelf life, refill when necessary). It has just the right size so it fits anywhere in your jeep, RV, truck, yacht, boat, bike or motorcycle. This is a safety and preparedness gift that everyone will appreciate.
  • Take the 1st step to prepare. Make sure you store it in your backpack, vehicle glove box, baby diaper handbag or med cabinet for quick access. Recommended for family daily use or adventures: Outdoors, Workplace, School, College, Kitchen, Road Trips, Backpacking, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, Wilderness, Kids Playground, Boy Scouts and more.
  • HIGHEST STANDARDS. Manufactured with the finest equipment in a modern FDA approved facility, you can be sure of a high quality product that will not let you down. Trusted by lifeguards, parents, students, teachers, nurses, doctors, EMTs, construction workers and professional business offices. We have thousands of happy customers. 
  • Total commitment to make YOU HAPPY & Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it, simply contact us and we’ll make it right. A PORTION OF PROFITS GO TO AMERICAN RED CROSS. It is our mission to create happiness in the lives of all that we touch.

73% Off!

67% Off!

  • ▶️️ HANDCRAFTED from 100% PURE COPPER – each unique cup is formed, smoothed or hammered, riveted, polished, inspected, and packaged with great care by highly experienced artisans – UNLINED for ayurvedic health
  • ▶️️ COLD and CLASSY – nothing says COLD like our pure copper mugs – get FROSTY almost instantly when ice is added – drinks STAY cold for a LONG time – the timeless look of copper makes them always appreciated
  • ▶️️ GIFT that keeps GIVING – our beautiful and durable copper cups are PERFECT for birthday’s, house warming, anniversaries (don’t forget #7 is copper!), customer appreciation, employee gifts, retirement party, etc., – our copper mugs ENHANCE the flavors of your favorite drinks while promoting the ayurvedic and anti bacterial/health benefits associated with RAW copper
  • ▶️️ NO ALLOYS OR LINERS – Handmade with no inside liner or coating, our copper mugs enhance the flavors of your favorite drinks while promoting the anti bacterial/health benefits associated with RAW copper – The outside of our mugs are coated with a food grade lacquer to prevent tarnishing
  • ▶️️ YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – we are a small family business and we CARE DEEPLY about every single customer. If it isn’t right, we will MAKE IT RIGHT, that’s a PROMISE

62% off!

  • ✔️ GENUINE SPIRITUAL ORIGINS: Our Dream Catchers are handmade by local native artisans in one of the most spiritual islands and cultural hotspots of the world, Bali. We do not source or sell Dream Catchers from slave factories in China like most of the other cheap competitor products here on Amazon!
  • ✔️ QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: All of our Dream Catchers are 100% handmade/handcrafted! Your new Dreamcatcher is our Best Selling model sized at 8.5 inches (22cm) in diameter and 24 inches (60cm) long! With TWO DAY FREE SHIPPING for Prime customers and over 300 GLOWING REVIEWS since July 2014, your new HIGHEST REVIEWED Dreamcatcher will be at your home before you know it!
  • ✔️ LARGE SIZE: Compare the sizes of our Dreamcatchers with the competition on Amazon, you will find ours are sometimes 1.5x the size, and sometimes DOUBLE THE SIZE yet nowhere near 1.5x or 2x the price, and in some cases the same price as China competition! Another example of how we’re dedicated to you, and providing you with the most bang for your buck! We know as an Amazon customer you are savvy, and your savviness is why our brand is the top performer in the Dream Catcher category on Amazon!
  • ✔️ ZERO RISK: Our Dream Catchers come with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for any reason you are unsatisfied with our product. In some cases, we may even offer a refund AND a free replacement if we deem any fault of our own. This is how committed we are to our total customer satisfaction! Our 100% Amazon seller feedback rating for the last year speaks volumes of this total commitment to you, our customer.
  • ✔️ TRIED & TESTED BRAND: Caught Dreams is the brand with the most reviews and longest standing products that have been tried and tested, and we are still the most reviewed and top rated brand on Amazon in this category! Do you want a Chinese competitor slave factory product or would you like to support our mission for transparency, honesty, spiritually, culturally and ethically sourced products?

57% Off!

  • UNLIKE OTHER BRANDS, OUR TEALIGHTS COME WITH 100 FAKE ROSE PETALS: These fake rose petals can be used for decorative purposes and for further boosting the visual charisma of the flicker candles. Can be used in mason jars, wedding card box, bottle sparklers, candle scone, luminary bags, wall candle holders in wine glasses that can be turned upside down with rose petals inside them for absolutely stunning yet cost effective way to decorate on Valentines day.
  • CREATE AN IMPRESSIVE LIGHTING SPECTACLE: The Flickering Flameless Candles are ideal for decorations. The Mars Tealight Flameless Candle can be used anywhere to achieve a persistent and atmospheric ambience. The Tealight Flameless Candles can be used in decorative votive holders, lotus flowers, lemax village, window boxes, luminaries, placed on dining tables for a romantic dinner, they can be placed on the windowsill for a hearty Christmas decoration.
  • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS FROM ACCIDENTS: These astounding flickering tea lights are 100% safe to use around kids, pets and elderly people too. They do not heat up during use and you will never have to worry about fire accidents ever again!
  • SAVE MONEY: Stop wasting loads of money on disposable candles that can be used no more than once! These top notch battery operated flameless candles are reusable and they can go on for up to 60 hours.
  • FILLED WITH SIMPLICITY AND ALLURE. They give the illusion of being regular tea light candles that produce a flickering effect mirroring the image of a real wax candle at a very reasonable price especially since the batteries were included. Appearance and operation closely resembled an expensive line of candles.

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