Weird Places Where You Can Find Discount Coupons

Weird Places Where You Can Find Discount Coupons

The ‘freeconomics’ is catching up and more and more stores are using discount codes to entice customers to buy their products and boost sales. While most people will flock to websites to find discount codes and printable discount coupons, coupons can be found at almost anywhere now-a-days; if you know where to look that is. These are some of the weird places you can find coupons and we can guarantee you have never thought of these places before.

  • Store bathrooms: Store bathrooms are places you rarely visit due to hygiene issues, but you can find discount coupons there too. In certain stores, there are ads and discount coupon insert boxes on the inside of the bathroom stalls. You will find discount coupons, QR brochures and website links.
  • Airports: Who in their right mind would look for coupons when you have to catch a flight? But if you have some extra time in your hand and if you know where to look, you will find several coupons. The most obvious place to look for coupons is the discarded newspapers, but the not so obvious places to look for is the airport lounges and kiosks. They hand out several flyers and some of them contains lucrative deals.
  • eBay and Craigslist: Though selling of coupons on eBay is illegal, there is no law against charging for the time spent to collect and organize the coupons. This loophole allows people to sell coupons in bundles and are very useful for purchasing items in bulk. Craigslist has the section ‘free stuffs’ where you can get coupons. But while using craigslist, beware of scams.
  • Doctor’s offices: The health industry is not immune to ‘freeconomics’ and hence you will find coupons at the doctor’s waiting area, elevators and even on the entrance. Keep your eyes open for discounts on procedures, preventative care, cosmetic care, family care, and more
  • Live Chat operators: When you start a chat with a live chat operator, be polite and unassuming and ask if he has any gift coupons with him. Pretend you are a college student with little allowances. Most of the time he will provide you with a discount so as to gain your loyalty and improve his reputation in the company.


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How to Get More Coupons

How to Get More Coupons


More coupons means more savings – it’s that simple. Coupons are available all over the place, you just have to look in the right place at the right time. It is like a treasure hunt where the treasure has been in front of your eyes the whole time but you overlooked it. This article focuses on places you never thought of while searching for discount coupons.

  1. Sign up for newsletter: If you are devoted to a particular brand or product, check their online website if you can subscribe to their newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter conveys the message that you are a loyal customer and you want to know more about the company and its products. This commitment is often rewarded with special coupons and discounts that are not offered to the general public.
  2. Free samples: How often have you overlooked a free sample? Next time don’t. Not only do you get something for free, you can also find a hidden coupon inside. Companies do this to attract more customers and you should make the most of it.
  3. Receipt and Ticket stubs: Before you throw away the receipt from the grocery store look closely to see if anything is printed on the back. This is usually where stores print out coupons and discount offers for customers who buy at their store. Same goes for ticket stubs at sporting events and movie halls.
  4. Look inside product packaging: Before you throw away the packet after using a product, look closely within to see if you are throwing away a valuable coupon. Many manufacturers include valuable coupons and rebate forms inside or on product packaging.
  5. Subscribe for some magazine or buy an extra newspaper: If you can afford it, buy an extra newspaper and you will find more coupons there. Many stores discount their unsold Sunday products on Monday’s newspaper.
  6. Junk mail: Though junk mail is usually despised by most of us, it is a great place for you to search for coupons. Many manufacturers know their mail will go to junk and they include coupons inside so that they can entice customers not to mark their mails as spam.

The more accustomed you become to using coupons, you will find out more ways to find coupons.


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How to Find Coupon Codes Easily

How to Find Coupon Codes Easily

Most people are familiar with discount coupons. Savvy shoppers save thousands of dollars each year by cleverly using paper coupons. But with the advent of ecommerce websites, shopping has moved online. Sadly, most online shoppers are not familiar with online coupons and even if they are cannot seem to find the right coupons. A study has shown only 38% of shoppers have ever used an online code when shopping online. Most shoppers complain that they cannot find the appropriate coupons and hence cannot avail the offers.

Most of us have seen the coupon code box in the checkout page of most online shopping portals. It might be named as promo code, discount code, offer code, source code, gift code, or other variations. Regardless of the name, that is where you put some alphanumeric code that will get you some kind of discounts, free shipment or amazing deals. Sadly enough the coupon codes are not available at the online shopping website. They are usually placed in other websites as ads, so that people might visit the shopping website to use those coupons. Because of the vast amount of coupon information available on the internet, it might take a little know-how to find the right coupon easily.

The key to finding the right code lies in the knowledge of how these online stores distribute these codes. These shops send out coupon codes through various channels – through emails, newsletters, or through other websites that highlight information on current deals and coupons. Sometimes there is no code, you just have to click a link for that discount to be applied. So, if you want to get the most of the discount codes, it is a good idea to subscribe to their newsletters and emails. You can also search for coupon codes through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Before you search for coupons on the internet, be sure to know which online store you will be shopping from and what item you want to buy. These will help you to narrow down your searches. You can use specific keywords in your search that will provide you link to specific webpages. After you enter into the coupon sharing websites, it is upto you to find out the latest coupons. You should spend some time searching for discount codes as you will become more adept at recognising the best coupons that most adequately applies to your upcoming purchase.



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Nearbuy (formerly Groupon) is an online platform connecting its subscribers to the local stores, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and other places and helps them to get discounts on different products and activities. There are coupon codes, which you need to apply for exclusive offers.

It has different categories in the website- food and drink, delivery and takeout, things to do, beauty and spa, automotive, health and fitness, electronics, travel and also “gifts for him” and “gifts for her”.

Food and Drink:- It includes everything starting from groceries to gourmet-dipped strawberries. Mouth-watering food from different restaurants are there along with pizza, burger and pastries, wines and brewery. One of the latest offers is 34% off at Cold Stone Creamery.

Delivery and Takeout:- The food and drinks are delivered to your place.

Thing to Do:- Here we are having classes, events, sight-seeing and night-life.

Beauty and Spa:- There are exclusive offers on different services in a salon or spa. For instance, Botox, a type of skincare is available at 60% off.

Health and Fitness:- This includes whitening of teeth, online nutritional courses, purchase of spectacles and so on..

Automotive:- Mainly Auto Rental, Auto Repair, Auto Parking.

Electronics:- Under this category fall mobile phones, mp3 players, ipod, camera, television set and other electronic gadgets.

Travel:- You will get hotels at a cheaper rate. You have a rebate percentage in hotels including the four-star ones.

Gifts for Him:- You can buy him a set of wine bottles, or gift him a massage package.

Gifts for Her:- Different kinds of gifts starting from jewellery to teddy bear and chocolates to perfume can be found for your loved ones.

Apart from these general categories, there are other deals like cooking classes on how to make pasta, boot camp classes, carwash etc. on a discounted rate. The items on which the sale is going on as a part of stock clearance are separately specified.

There are provisions for directly buying things from the Nearbuy website. For that, you need to register along with your home address so that they can directly deliver it to your place. The restaurants and shops nearest to your locality which are giving offers are displayed once you create an account.

Since Nearbuy is spread across countries, the basic division is country-wise. After you enter into the website specific for that particular country, you can get deals based on your exact location in that country.

So register today and grab the coupons!


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Offers, deals and discounts excite every customer. There are certain brands which give away free gift coupons to attract their customers. The idea is, they will have a low profit margin but have many customers.

Getting hold of a gift coupon is not that easy always. And using it judiciously is even more difficult. People can get free coupons from some online websites, from previous purchases or by referring some product or website to a friend. But, while using it, it is often found that they take wrong decisions.

Use your Coupons at the time of Rock Bottom Sale:- Rock Bottom Sales are those when the item is valued at its lowest price, ever. So, utilizing your coupon at this time will ensure you a double benefit- using the coupon and that too at a time when the price is already low.

Maintaining a database of your coupons:- In order to use your coupons judiciously, you need to maintain a database of the details, like the coupon code, date of issue, validity and amount of discount so that later on, depending upon the requirements you can buy products using the coupon.

Don’t go by Brands:- Do not be biased towards a certain brand because then it will not be possible for you to avail the offers. All brands do not give the same offer at the same point of time. So, be a little flexible.

Don’t buy things just for the sake of using coupons:- People have a general tendency to buy things just because they are on sale or discount. But, one should understand whether he or she actually needs it or not. If the product is not required, then buying it does not save the extra amount but wastes the spent amount. So, better give to another person who needs it- be it your friend or relative.

Try to double your coupons:- If you can have a coupon from the manufacturer as well as one from the retailer, it is the best. You will enjoy benefits from the both together.

Maintain the proper order:- Say, you are having a coupon worth 30% discount and another worth 5dollars off. If you apply the first coupon first and then the second one, then only can you optimize your savings. This is because if you apply the second coupon first and then the first one, the final amount will be greater.

So, apart from grabbing the coupons try to implement the steps given above. Then only can you make full utilization of the coupons that you have earned.



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Everyone loves shopping and nothing can beat a hefty discount. Before shopping online it is best to scour the internet for coupon codes and vouchers. Finding coupons and vouchers for online shopping can prove to be a real hurdle. Though there are loads of places to find them how to find the most genuine ones is a mammoth task. Most of the times the coupon codes found have expired or the offers of the voucher are no more applicable. For authentic coupon codes it is best to scour the retailers sites where the coupon codes are advertised, as well as specific coupon sites where coupon codes can also be found .

A few of them are mentioned below:

Retail.Me. This is one of the sites offering the largest number of coupons codes. It also provides exclusive codes through their partnerships with retailers on a regular basis. Its app also intimates you when there are offers at the brick and mortar stores and restaurants. A wide selection of printable coupons and online promo codes are the forte of this site. The number of retailers this site partners with is limited but the coupons have a guarantee. Their blog also offers numerous tips for effective shopping.

Free-Shipping deals: Though does not offer any coupons on the shopping, what it does offer are great coupons for shipping bringing down the cost, as usually shipping costs are very high increasing the cost of the item.

At times there are sites also offering shareable coupons where deals can be shared with friends- the advantage is double- you benefit because of your friend and your friend benefits because of you.

There are a few easy tips too which if followed can help you in garnering extra benefits. Supermarkets often have this hidden wealth, skimming through the store magazines can help you unearth a few coupons which are scattered throughout. If you are loyal to a particular store and are a regular there theses may be mailed to you directly. Signing up on the facebook pages, newsletters or the contact pages of a particular brand too can make you liable to receive these coupons. Scour the websites of your favorite brands, as often the websites offer vouchers which can be downloaded.

It is a proven fact that combining online shopping with the use of coupons and vouchers can maximize the gratification of the shopping experience.



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