Agreed that shopping online is very attractive. What with the convenience of shopping from your own comfort zone, browsing through hundreds of retailers and thousands of products. Online shopping always wins hands down as compared to shopping from brick and mortar locations.

But every luxury has its own dangers. The very much existent bad guys who are lurking around with phishing attacks up their sleeve, pretending to be real websites or online banks and successfully swindle you using your bank and credit card information. But this need not keep you away from shopping online. Just practicing a few safety tips can safeguard you against all these malpractices and keep your information secure.

  • Use of familiar sites is always the best. Randomly choosing a site which could be offering very enticing deals may not be such a good idea after all.
  • Confirm that the site you are buying from has a security sockets layer encryption installed. Do not give your credit card details under any circumstances.
  • Give minimum information. Avoid giving even seemingly harmless information like your birthday. as this information along with your credit card information can aid the hackers in stealing your identity.
  • Update your PC regularly with trustworthy anti-virus programs, so that it is protected against malware.
  • Create unique passwords, which are strong and impossible to crack and use a different password for every account.
  • Download the apps provided by known sites or retailers as this is very important for your safety.
  • Never shop from public places or internet cafes. Or if for some reason you do shop from an internet cafe, see to it that you have logged off correctly and if in a public place seat yourself in a corner making sure that there is no one snooping over your shoulder.
  • Always try to use private wi-fi or use hot spots you are familiar with. shopping from stores with networks name ‘attwifi’ is a safe bet.
  • Buy gift cards only from known sources as fraudsters often auction off gift cards with little or no funds on them.
  • Double check offers which seem too good to be true. Be wary of all such offers and screen them carefully.
  • It is advisable to turn on a two-step authentication on accounts where available. It adds to the security and gives an added layer of protection beyond passwords.

Being alert and practicing a few precautions will always see to it that nothing ruins your pleasurable shopping experience!

Have a happy and safe shopping.


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