Nearbuy (formerly Groupon) is an online platform connecting its subscribers to the local stores, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons and other places and helps them to get discounts on different products and activities. There are coupon codes, which you need to apply for exclusive offers.

It has different categories in the website- food and drink, delivery and takeout, things to do, beauty and spa, automotive, health and fitness, electronics, travel and also “gifts for him” and “gifts for her”.

Food and Drink:- It includes everything starting from groceries to gourmet-dipped strawberries. Mouth-watering food from different restaurants are there along with pizza, burger and pastries, wines and brewery. One of the latest offers is 34% off at Cold Stone Creamery.

Delivery and Takeout:- The food and drinks are delivered to your place.

Thing to Do:- Here we are having classes, events, sight-seeing and night-life.

Beauty and Spa:- There are exclusive offers on different services in a salon or spa. For instance, Botox, a type of skincare is available at 60% off.

Health and Fitness:- This includes whitening of teeth, online nutritional courses, purchase of spectacles and so on..

Automotive:- Mainly Auto Rental, Auto Repair, Auto Parking.

Electronics:- Under this category fall mobile phones, mp3 players, ipod, camera, television set and other electronic gadgets.

Travel:- You will get hotels at a cheaper rate. You have a rebate percentage in hotels including the four-star ones.

Gifts for Him:- You can buy him a set of wine bottles, or gift him a massage package.

Gifts for Her:- Different kinds of gifts starting from jewellery to teddy bear and chocolates to perfume can be found for your loved ones.

Apart from these general categories, there are other deals like cooking classes on how to make pasta, boot camp classes, carwash etc. on a discounted rate. The items on which the sale is going on as a part of stock clearance are separately specified.

There are provisions for directly buying things from the Nearbuy website. For that, you need to register along with your home address so that they can directly deliver it to your place. The restaurants and shops nearest to your locality which are giving offers are displayed once you create an account.

Since Nearbuy is spread across countries, the basic division is country-wise. After you enter into the website specific for that particular country, you can get deals based on your exact location in that country.

So register today and grab the coupons!


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