Social networking sites like facebook are helping in the promotion of certain brands and products through offers. For a site like facebook, with 850+ million users worldwide, this acts as a powerful tool for marketing since the potential readers, customers and clients can be easily connected.

This also helps in reaching out to the new customers through their friends. Moreover, it is easy to track whether people redeem or claim the offer. When people like your page and claim your offer, it can be seen in the news feed by their friends.

An offer can be created on facebook using ad creation. The description of the offer including the minimum billing amount, expiry date, and other terms and conditions should be specified. The amount to be paid is based on the number of users you want to reach out to. The ad can be promoted using Power Editor. “Post Targeting and Privacy” can be used to limit everyone from finding and accessing the offer. To run an offer, a page should have at least 400 followers.

To claim an offer on facebook, go to the offer page and click “Claim Offer” icon. The offer is then sent to the primary email address associated with your facebook account. You can print the coupon if possible or show it directly from your phone at the outlets, in order to redeem.

However, sometimes people have problems finding an offer email. In that case, they are suggested to check the spam folder because it might have entered the spam folder. If still not found, go back to the offer page and click on “resend the offer”. You can also try another email address.

You are not subscribed to the page of the company giving offers, you will not get the offer directly. So, in that case you can ask a friend of yours who has received the offer to share it with you through facebook.

One advantage of facebook offers over other free-coupon websites like Groupon, etc. is that in those websites, if you want to share an offer with your friend, you need to choose an option from facebook, twitter and email. So, it is more time-consuming and complicated. In case of facebook, the offer is directly shared since facebook has its own tools to share.

Thus, facebook forms an useful platform to share offers and deals. I’m sure you already have a facebook account and don’t need to create one. So make the most of it by creating and claiming offers!


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